Aleksey “Raskhod” Raskhodchikov, anarchist, antifascist and musician beaten and arrested

Aleksey “Raskhod” Raskhodchikov, anarchist, antifascist and musician was beaten and arrested by police on the night of 23 July in Murmansk city centre. In the main square, policemen surrounded a group of punk-rockers and without any reason asked for IDs. Raskhod tried to ask for the police officers' documents, but he was beaten and arrested.

Submitted by S2W on August 30, 2013

The police violence continued in the police station. As a result anarchist was taken to the hospital by ambulance, there he contacted with Regional Youth Human Right Board and Public monitoring committee (PMC) of compliance of human rights in places of detention and asked for help.

Than human rights defenders arrived to the police station. They observed badly injured Raskhodchikov with bandaged head and police officer with stains of blood all over his uniform. The floor and walls in the police foyer were also stained with blood.

After it Raskhodchikov was set free, human rights defenders went to the Department's own security AMIA Russia's Murmansk region, were they officially reported about crime of policemen against anarchist, accentuated attention on the fact that the police station has video-cameras, which should been spotted the cruel treatment.

Nobody informed watchers about any injuries of policemen. The version about policeman getting injuries was published later.

“When brought to a police station one of them had an active resistance, attacked the police with a knife. As a result, the police officer was wounded in the form of multiple scalped wounds of both hands - the press-service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Murmansk region - Upon demonstrate how violence against a police officer is being conducted. Materials sent to the investigating authorities to decide whether a criminal case.”

Young people told that after arrest they have been kneeled down in opposite corners and been beaten up by officers.

Vostok-Forum attacked by OMON

Russian police attacked an international youth meeting near Apatity (Murmansk Region, Russian Federation)

On the evening of the 1st of August 2013 Russian OMON (Armed Unit of Interior Ministry)=SWAT, faces covered and equipped with machine pistols, in collaboration with the agents of Investigation Committee raided the touristic base “Russ” (13 kilometers from Apatity, in Murmansk region). An international youth forum, the “Vostok Forum”, was taking place there. The 30 participants of the Vostok Forum (15 residents of the European Union, 12 persons from Germany) and other guests were on the touristic base.

Some of the people were forced to stand face to the wall or thrown on the ground in a brutal manner. Nobody was allowed to make phone calls, or take photos or videos of the Russian force. Some of the participants were not allowed to lock their rooms or fetch their medicines. No document confirming the legal conduct of such operation was shown. Participants of the Forum were not explained about their rights. Formally, the whole action was “a search for a person accused of completing a criminal activity”. However, policemen asked as well more general questions concerning the participant’s relations to Russia and the aims of the Forum. Translator into the native languages was not provided. One of the participants of the Forum, a citizen of Germany was treated more violently, which resulted in a shock. Assistance of the Russian emergency service was needed.

One of the participants of the Forum, civil activist Aleksey Raskhodchikov, was arrested. A few days before the start of the Forum he was also accused of attacking a police officer. At this moment, there is a lack of information about the legal circumstances of the arrest and the further situation of Raskhodtchikov.

The organizers of the Forum – “Humanistic Movement of Youth” (Russia) and AG Russland (Germany) are deeply concerned about the situation, when the agents of the Investigation Committee and SWAT act without complying with the norms of the international law. Holding all the participants of the Forum, limiting their freedom of movement, they do not consider necessary to explain their rude behaviour and to inform about the people's rights.

For 8 years Vostok-Forum takes place annually on the Russian Kola-peninsula. It offers a platform for young students, scientists, artists and activists. The topics for discussion are researched in a so-called "Open Process“.


Instead of providing the public and the media with video from cameras that work in continuous recording mode at the entrance and in the lobby of the police station, where was delivered Raskhodchikov, as well as similar cameras installed at Five Corners area under the "Safe City", law enforcement agencies insist on a version that Raskhodchikov attacked a police officer. But this version can easily be confirmed or refuted by the only reliable source - recordings from CCTV cameras.

Alexey Raskhodchikov charged with the second part of Article 318 (usage of violence dangerous to life or health against a governmental representative), the maximum penalty for which is 10 years in jail.

The investigator Verentehin asked for putting Alexey in jail for whole investigative period, citing the fact that Raskhodchikov tending to escape and committing a crime.

Judge Boiko, however, doubted that the collected materials characterize Raskhodchikov as a dangerous "felon", able to escape from the trial.

The defense has provided strong evidence of reliability Alexei: has a permanent place of residence, did not leave the Murmansk region, and never had been charged in a criminal offense.

The prosecution could only "brag" in court the speed with which Raskhodchikov was detained by police: from the opening of a criminal case against him in Murmansk to the moment of his detention at the camp site "Russia" in Apatity was no more than 12 hours. References of the investigation to the fact that during this time they were trying to warn Raskhodchikov about initiation of criminal proceedings against him, sounded unconvincing.

Concerning the attack on a police officer allegedly committed by Raskhodchikov sounded as a very strange version. In a report dated 23 July, when there was some incident at the centre of Murmansk, the fact of attack was not even mentioned. In later reports is already emerging narrative about how Raskhodchikov showed disobedience and started grabbing jacket of guardian of order, threatening to kill him, then knocked to the ground and tried to hit a police officer with a knife, which he held in his left hand. On the last argument should pay particular attention, as Alexey - right-hander, as it was stated to the judge.

In the face of a professional judge the position of the investigation looked rickety. In the absence of hard evidence of Raskhodchikov’s guilt, all that could do Investigator - ask the judge to extend the detention of a suspect for another period of up to 72 hours. He justified this by saying that in a short period of time investigation "has not had time to gather and present relevant evidence to the court."

At 5 August in the Oktyabrskiy court of Murmansk was held final meeting on choosing a preventive measure for Alexei Raskhodchikov. Judge considered that evidences of Alexey’s criminal behavior are not reliable. So court stated to use lighter preventive measure in form of house imprisonment until the 1st of October 2013.

All this time Raskhodchikov is not allowed to leave his apartment from 22 pm to 8 am, the usage of cell phone is also prohibited. He also has problems with bracelet that controls his location. Signal is not always working and it can be a reason for police to put him in temporary isolation.

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