Alive & Kicking: Cambridge Anarchist News #1 1984

Double page cartoon of scene from a miners strike picket line

Including reports from: IWA congress, Cambridge City Council meeting on policing, visit to miners strike in Nottinghamshire, etc.

Submitted by Fozzie on February 4, 2024


  • Introduction (origins of the magazine and difficulties getting anarchist material stocked in local shops)
  • Report from International Workers Association congress in Madrid
  • Report from Cambridge City Council meeting discussing of local police being used in the miners strike
  • Computer crime
  • Report on visit to Nottinghamshire to support striking miners
  • Free love
  • Local listings

With thanks to Kate Sharpley Library for providing a copy to be scanned.




3 months 4 weeks ago

Submitted by westartfromhere on February 28, 2024

"Free love will only really flourish after the revolution when society is ANARCHIST and all people are FREE." ALIVE AND KICKING, #1

Does anyone still hold fast to the conception of the working class revolution as a millenarianist—'a coming fundamental transformation of society, after which "all things will be changed" '—event that all at once brings about the emancipation of humanity? As opposed to conceiving of working class revolution as a process of class struggle that has been going on from time immemorial, i.e. since class society existed.