Anarchy #17 1975

Cover of Anarchy issue 17
Anarchy #17 cover

Issue 17 of Anarchy magazine with articles on healthcare, letters and book reviews.

The article on abortion is particularly bad and concludes with a call for anarchists to oppose their availability via the NHS! It is included on Libcom for information only. (It is followed by a more sensible piece opposing the points made, by a member of the Anarchy Collective who did not participate in the production of this issue because they were opposed to the article being included).

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  • Editorial
  • An Apple A Day Won't Keep This Lot Away (medical experiments on human subjects) - Charlotte Baggins
  • Abortion and Racism - Kathy Perlo
  • Objection (to the previous article)
  • Meanwhile, Back In The Wards - Martin P Wright
  • Letters
  • Review: Dr J.S Horn - Away With All Pests: An English Surgeon in People's China - Chris Broad




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Hey, thanks very much for this! You know what date this issue was? That would be good to put in the intro