Angry Workers' Bulletin #1 1986

First issue of Angry Workers' Bulletin, published Summer 1986.

With thanks to the comrades at Splits and Fusions archive for scanning.

Submitted by Fozzie on December 22, 2020

Contents include:

  • Statement of Desire (an introduction to the bulletin and its influences)
  • Our Intervention Against "Fleet Week" in San Francisco
  • International Class Struggles: The Miners Strike in Britain
  • The Mass Strikes in Denmark, March & April 1985
  • Review of "Ideas And Action"
  • Adam Buick - Solidarity, The Market and Marx - an analysis of the reactionary nature of an equation of "workers' management of the economy" with the overthrow of Capitalism by a member of the 'World Socialist Party'.
  • Smash The Gap - our leaflet about looting and some critical responses
  • In reference to the publication Processed World, a letter to the International Communist Current
  • A Communist Effort - Russia 1917: a contribution towards the understanding of the defeat of movements towards communist revolution in the years following World War One.
  • Appeal for class war prisoners in Poland.