Angry young man - Leslie Paul

Front cover of Angry Young Man
Front cover of Angry Young Man

This is the autobiography of the founder of the Woodcraft Folk, detailing his personal journey through the various political struggles occurring in early 20th Century Britain and Europe.

Submitted by GuayabaG on January 29, 2014

This is the beautifully written autobiography of the founder of the Woodcraft Folk from his childhood in the East End of London. His story involves the history of early 20th Century youth movements in the UK and Europe, including the anti-militaristic Kibbo Kift Kindred forming in reaction to the Scouts, and the split of Woodcraft Folk from Kibbo Kift Kindred over whether to link to the Labour Party. It details some of the youth movements in other parts of Europe and the drift of the German youth movements towards fascism. It contains detailed stories of the General Strike in Britain, mostly set around Lewisham and Deptford. The author also visits the USSR on an official trip, where he encounters the authoritarian nature of soviet communism. It also details various aspects of the development of British socialism in thearly 20th Century, plus discussion of anti-fascist struggles, pacificism and the co-operative movement.

NB The epub version is usable but has some minor scanning errors - the pdf is a more perfect copy.