Asking questions with the Zapatistas (ebook)

Asking questions with the Zapatistas

E-book by Theodoros Karyotis, Ioanna-Maria Maravelidi, and Yavor Tarinski
Title: Asking questions with the Zapatistas. Reflections from Greece on our Civilizational Impasse
Publisher: Transnational Institute of Social Ecology, 2022
Design: George Chelebiev
Cover: Apollon Petropoulos
Editor: Matthew Little

Submitted by free_demos on September 3, 2022

In their collextive text, Karyotis, Maravelidi, and Tarinski reflect on the arrival of the Zapatista delegation from the point of view of the European, and in particular Greek, grassroots movements. They ponder the historical and current importance of Zapatismo and its influence on the development of political contestation in Europe and in Greece. The authors attempt to highlight the aspects of Zapatismo that have contributed to movement theory and praxis and have provided inspiration for generations of activists and collectives. They also enumerate other political projects that resonate and enmesh with Zapatismo to produce novel emancipatory practices. The authors attempt at examining the obstacles and pitfalls in ‘translating’ the Zapatista experience to European urban contexts. Finally, Karyotis, Maravelidi, and Tarinski explore some of the paths that may lead us forward in the pursuit of social emancipation.

This is the extended English-language original of the Spanish-language pocketbook 'Preguntando con los zapatistas. Reflexiones desde Grecia sobre nuestro impasse civilizatorio', published in Spanish by Cooperative Editorial Retos, Cátedra Jorge Alonso, Universidad de Guadalajara, and Consejo Latinoamericano de Ciencias Sociales in 2022. It is part of the 28-pocketbook collection Al Faro Zapatista in commemoration of more than 500 years of resistance, 28 years of public life, and the Journey for Life.

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