Yavor Tarinski

Short Introduction to the Political Legacy of Castoriadis

E-book by Yavor Tarinski
Title: Short Introduction to the Political Legacy of Castoriadis,
Publisher: Aftoleksi, 2020
Cover and design: George Chelebiev
Edit and Preface: Mark Mason

Narrow Anti-Imperialism as Ideological Cover for Authoritarianism

An analysis of how certain tendencies use anti-imperialism for the purpose of defending authoritarianism and statecraft

Belarus and Soviet Authoritarianism: Interview with Ihar Alinevich

Yavor Tarinski interviews anarchist and ex-prisoner Ihar Alinevich

Nation-State, Nationalism and the Need for Roots

In the current age of neoliberal globalization, the widely spread feeling of uprootedness has allowed nationalism to thrive.

Individuals and minorities in the framework of direct democracy

De Campo Vaccino

In the wake of Brexit and Trump's presidency many have rushed into questioning the decision-making abilities of society. Is direct democracy guilty for the current faults of the system or on the contrary, the absolute lack of it?

The Fallacy of Economic Growth

Political elites, both on the Right and on the Left, seem to agree on the necessity of constant economic growth.

Reflections on Castoriadis and Bookchin

A brief examination of certain political aspects of the works of Cornelius Castoriadis and Murray Bookchin and their similarities.

The commons: beyond the state and the market - Yavor Tarinski

As an alternative that has been tried and tested in practice by communities past and present, the paradigm of the commons goes beyond the state and the market and implies the radical self-instituting of society, allowing citizens to directly manage their shared resources.

Reclaiming the urban space

New Babylon by Constant

In cities across the world different forms of popular resistance are appearing at the grassroots level that aim to reclaim and recreate the urban public space.