Midnight Notes #13 (2001) – Auroras of the Zapatistas

Midnight Notes book published by Autonomedia in 2001.

Submitted by Fozzie on November 17, 2020

The following collection of articles was entitled Auroras of the Zapatistas: Local and Global Struggles in the Fourth World War to make it clear that we will not be looking at the Zapatista revolution directly, but rather at its enlightening and heating effects on the struggle against the latest form of capitalism (called "neoliberalism" in Mexico and increasingly called "globalization" in the U.S.) outside of Chiapas. Gustavo Esteva's "Indigenous Autonomy in Oaxaca, Mexico," and the interviews with Mexican activists, "Mexican Civil Society and the EZLN," show the effects of Zapatismo on the struggles against the party-state and NAFTA in Oaxaca and Mexico City.

This is followed by reports on the ever-widening impact of Zapatista ideas in Canada and Europe.


  • The Hammer and ... or the Sickle: From the Zapatistas Uprising to the Battle of Seattle – Midnight Notes Collective.

Part One: Auroras of the Zapatistas

  • Indigenous Autonomy in Oaxaca, Mexico. - Gustavo Esteve
  • Mexican Civil Society and the EZLN: Inteviews with Adriana Lopez Monjuardin, Carlos Manzo and Julio Moguel – Ana Esther Cecena
  • Encounters in Chiapas – Monty Neill
  • The Traditions of People of Reason and the Reasons of People of Tradition: A Report on the Second Intercontinental Encuentro – Gustavo Esteve
  • Canada and Zapatismo – Chris Vance
  • Zapata in Europe: Interviews with Adelina Bottero, Luciano Salza, Friederike Habermann, Marc Tomsin, Massimo de Angelis and Ulrich Brand – Ana Esther Cecena
  • Peoples' Global Action: Dreaming Up an Old Ghost – Olivier de Marcellus
  • Rethinking Class Composition Analysis in Light of the Zapatistas – Monty Neill
  • Questions for Ramona: Zapatismo and Feminism - Claudia Von Werlhof
  • Making La Ciudad: David Riker on Politics and Filmmaking

Part Two: Other Essays

  • Victory over a Life of Living Death: Shankar Guha Niyogi – introduced by John Roosa
  • The NATO-Yogoslavia War: On Whom the Bombs Fall? - Massimo de Angelis and Silvia Federicci
  • From Capitalist Crisis to Proletarian Slavery: Introduction to the Class Struggle in the U.S., 1973-1998 – George Caffentzis
  • Eulogy for Rod Thurton (1938-2000) – Silvia Federicci
  • Eulogy for Fernando Lopez Isunza (1973-2000) David Riker
  • Revolutionary Typers in the Night – Peter Linebaugh