The Commoner #1

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Issue 1 of The Commoner magazine

Submitted by gay4plants on July 11, 2019


Electric new commons – Franco Barchiesi: Delivery From Below, Resistance From Above. Electricity and the Politics of Struggle for People’s Needs in Tembisa [Editors Note: Not available through Wayback Machine]

Shall we kill the banks? – George Caffentzis: Varieties of Bancocide: Left and Right Critiques of the World Bank and IMF.

Flexibility for whom? – Anne Costello & Les Levidow: Flexploitation Strategies: UK Lessons for Europe.

The rat race disguised as freedom – Massimo De Angelis: Global Capital, Abstract Labour, and the Fractal-Panopticon.

War is on the agenda – Silvia Federici – War, Globalization, and Reproduction. [Editors Note: Not available through Wayback Machine]


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