AWSM Action in Solidarity With Christchurch

Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (AWSM) has recently promoted solidarity with Christchurch.

Submitted by LAMA on March 21, 2019

From time to time Aotearoa Workers Solidarity Movement (AWSM) has engaged in solidarity actions with others in the community. For example, we have attended pickets in support of striking nurses and assisted activists supporting trans rights. We have also had postering actions to promote our own views.

Today AWSM distributed posters in solidarity with the victims of the fascist terrorist outrage in Christchurch. We chose the headline SOLIDARITY WITH CHRISTCHURCH and alternating subheadings of OPPOSE RACISM & FASCISM and MANY COLOURS, ONE WORKING CLASS.

Our intention is to highlight the political dimension of the attack and to provide a class perspective that has largely been missing from a lot of mainstream and alternative analysis. The attack was motivated by an underlying political ideology, it wasn’t the work of a crazed loner. Rather than orient any response to the attack around a form of mythical nationalism (moderate, liberal, conservative or otherwise) we believe the road to constructive unity is with the genuine common interests of those at the base of society across all borders, rather than the ruling class.

We hope to continue such efforts in the future and invite all those who are interested to join us in such actions. Together we can beat back the plague of racism, fascism, nationalism and other roadblocks to true progress.

They shall not pass!/No Pasaran
Kia Kaha!