Behind the crisis: Marx's dialectics of value and knowledge - Guglielmo Carchedi

Much has been written since Capital was first published, and more recently after the demise of the Soviet Union and the consequent triumph of neoliberalism, about the irrelevance, inconsistency, and obsoleteness of Marx. This has been attributed to his unworkable method of inquiry.

Submitted by Craftwork on September 1, 2016

This book goes against the current. It introduces the issues that are presently most hotly debated, it evaluates them, and it groups them into four headings, each one of them corresponding to a chapter. At the same time, it submits a new reading of Marx’s method of social research and on this basis it argues that Marx’s work offers a solid foundation upon which to further develop a multi-faceted theory of crises highly relevant for the contemporary world.



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Submitted by Spikymike on February 26, 2017

Reviewed positvely with a useful summary in the current edition of the ICT/CWO's journal 'Revolutionary Perspectives' at


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The CWO review is here

We are now starting a discussion group in the English-speaking ICT sections on this.


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I see that Guglielmo Carchedi has teamed up with Michael Roberts on another book relating to the marxian 'Falling Rate of Profit' analysis as reviewed here:
though of course Michael Roberts does not draw all the same conclusions as the ICT/CWO.