Belfast Antifa anti-BNP flyer


An Antifa flyer from the recent Belfast anti-BNP protests in Belfast.The recently formed Antifa Belfast had numbers at both protests mobilising significantly for the second. The group was involved in stewarding and gathering intelligence on the local fash.

Submitted by Choccy on November 7, 2009

The BNP are a far right ‘populist’ party that spreads racist propaganda, promotes the scape-goating of ethnic minorities and stokes and capitalises upon racial tension. Like other fascist parties
the BNP seeks to deflect working class people from the real cause of the problems they face. The recession, lack of jobs, the running down of health and social services, and poor housing conditions are not caused by immigrant workers they are caused by capitalism and the state.

There can be no platform for the fascist BNP, there can be no debate with fascism. These people are anti-working class, homophobic, racist bigots who are trying to build credibility and organise. Where the BNP have organised there have been increased racist and homophobic attacks. They have gained seats in the European Parliament, not due to any increase in their vote, but due to lower voter turnout for other parties (itself the result of greater awareness that none of our alleged leaders can represent working class interests).

Antifa Belfast was set up in the wake of the attacks on Roma people in our city - to physically and ideologically oppose fascism and racism. Groups such as the BNP cannot be allowed room to organise nor can they be allowed the scope to present themselves as a ‘radical’ alternative.
Membership of antifa is on an individual basis. We are not a front for any political organisation or party but we are libertarian in organisation and based on a class analysis.

We need a working class alternative that is opposed to fascism, capitalism and the state. If you would like to help us get in touch at the email address below:
[email protected]