Bologna supporters fined for anti-police brutality protest

Flag displaying Federico Aldrovandi's face at another match.
Flag displaying Federico Aldrovandi's face at another match.

Supporters of Bologna football club have been fined for their protest during an away game at Napoli on Sunday to commemorate the violent murder of a teenager by police officers in Ferrara, Northern Italy.

Submitted by Ed on January 29, 2018

Lino Aldrovandi, father of murdered boy, wrote on Facebook that the police charged the fans with “possession of a banner depicting the face of Federico Aldrovandi, a banner for which they were not authorised to use at the San Paolo stadium.” The banner was seized and the fans fined €166.66.

Aldrovandi’s statement continued, addressing his murdered son: “I would like to stop myself every now and then and smile with the heart at that displayed image, almost thinking you there with those guys to incite life, because in the end it is that which it ultimately depicts.”

Eighteen-year-old Federico Aldrovandi was beaten to death in 2005 after he was stopped by police while walking home through a park at 6am. He was beaten with such force by four officers that two of their batons were broken in the attack. Police then called an ambulance but when it arrived they found the young man handcuffed, crushed on the ground and dead from “compression asphyxia”.

Initial forensic tests attempted to claim he had died as a result of drugs he had taken that night but these were contradicted by following tests which showed he had died as a result from being held in such a way as to restrict his breathing.

Unsurprisingly, the police unions have given their full support to the officers, demonstrating it in despicable fashion. One union, Coisp, intimidated Federico’s mother by holding a protest outside her workplace while another, SAP, gave the killers a five-minute standing ovation during a conference in Rimini. Though found guilty of culpable homicide in 2012, all officers were allowed back to their posts in 2014.