Canada: support workers strike at New Brunswick Community College

500 workers, including lab technicians and canteen, security and cleaning staff, are currently striking over pay.

Submitted by jef costello on January 22, 2008

The workers, members of local 1251 of the public service union have been striking since January 10th; pay negotiations broke down at the end of November and no new negiotiations were scheduled.

Initially the strike led to the cancellation of meal services and evening classes. Overflowing bins and dirty toilets and classrooms led many teachers to cancel lessons, allowing students to work from home. The university is nowfficially only open for half of the day. Two toilets have already been closed and a visit by the public health authority could see the university closed.

Union representative Louis Arseneau said "We've calculated that we'll have to strike for at least a month and a half to win... We're prepared to stick it out to the end"