Canada: Wildcat strike in post wins extra staff

Sorting office workers downed tools yesterday morning after managers had failed to take heed of complaints about excessive workloads.

Submitted by Steven. on March 20, 2007 reported that workers at a Canada Post sorting facility at Keele and Wilson briefly walked off the job Monday 19 March morning in a wildcat strike.

The reason for their special delivery protest? They claim they've been waiting three months for management to take action on complaints about their excessive workloads.

They decided a short time out would make the kind of statement their other words haven't.

"The carriers had a restructure here, and the routes were put in with most of the routes being overburdened, and it's been two-and-a-half months," explains CUPW spokesperson Jane Marsh. "There hasn't been any resolution. The membership believes that Canada Post hasn't taken them seriously and they decided that they've had enough."

Workers returned to their jobs within an hour and in a sign of how much things have changed since the days of those bitter and sometimes lengthy mail strikes, Canada Post management promised to bring in additional staff to help the over-burdened sorters.

They'll also look at the amount of mail letter carriers are delivering each day.

Update 20 March 2007
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