China: Safari park workers on strike

400 workers at a safari park in China have gone on strike over wages, job cuts and management corruption.

Submitted by Mike Harman on December 9, 2006

The park closed on Thursday when no workers showed up for work and around 100 picketed the entrance. On Friday around 70 police officers raided the park during a sit-in during which hundreds of employees began hanging protest signs around the park, however most of the workers left shortly after the police arrived.

The park floated on the stock market last year, which led to cuts in overtime payments the witholding of social security premiums for workers, and 25 employees were fired in October from the park's transport department. More than ten managers were were given payouts of around 100,000 yuan (US$12,500) each before they left the park according to one worker. The German Press Agency reported that workers found out about the payouts on Wednesday evening, prompting the walkout.

The park is in Shenzen near the border with Hong Kong, and houses 10,000 animals including lions, tigers, pandas, hippos and elephants.