Civil servants strike over pay

Over 20,000 civil servants are on strike or taking action short of strike today in a row over pay.

Submitted by Mike Harman on March 30, 2007

Thousands of workers at Ministry of Defence and Identity and Passports service are on strike due to a proposed wage increase of 2% below inflation.

Also today, a further 20,000 workers in the Department of Health, Crown Prosecution Service, Land Registry and Learning and Skills Council are beginning a month of action short of strike as part of the same dispute. They will refuse overtime and take proper breaks during the period of the action.

In addition, the PCS claims that many more tens of thousands of civil servants will also take action short of strike this Friday in support of the other departments.

The Civil Service has a seen a raft of job cuts in recent years, and many workers earn less than £15-19,000 per year. Mark Serwotka claimed that civil servant pay was being used as an "anti-inflationary measure" by the government.