A companion to Marx's Capital - David Harvey

“My aim is to get you to read a book by Karl Marx called Capital, Volume 1, and to read it on Marx’s own terms…”: David Harvey's reading guide to Marx's magnum opus.

Submitted by Tyrion on September 12, 2013

Note that while Harvey's reading guide has helped some people get into reading Capital, Harvey has a tendency to skip over or misrepresent many of Marx's key arguments. This review of the reading guide is recommended.

The biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression has generated a surge of interest in Marx’s work in the effort to understand the origins of our current predicament. For nearly forty years, David Harvey has written and lectured on Capital, becoming one of the world’s most foremost Marx scholars.

Based on his recent lectures, this current volume aims to bring this depth of learning to a broader audience, guiding first-time readers through a fascinating and deeply rewarding text. A Companion to Marx’s Capital offers fresh, original and sometimes critical interpretations of a book that changed the course of history and, as Harvey intimates, may do so again.

See also Harvey's introduction to volume 1



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It'd be great to get a .pdf version of this up as well!


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Hey the pages jump around from the intro - and the first chapter at around pages 15 - 17.