Dear comrades: a call for solidarity with the student struggles in Quebec

Several of us in the Recomposition editorial group have been very interested in recent events in Quebec, and found the students’ struggles inspirational. We now share a letter from a comrade calling for support and mobilisation to further support and spread these struggles.

Submitted by Recomposition on August 2, 2012

Dear Comrades,

As some of you may be aware there has been an ongoing student strike in the province of Quebec. Comrades from across Canada and eastern states have been visiting Montreal in support and solidarity with the struggle. We have been witness to government repression and police brutality evident in daily life. As the summer months have been a time for rest, organizing and preparation a call out has been made.

We are requesting solidarity from comrades across Canada and through the United States of America as schools begin to open here in Quebec. The first school will be opening August 13th, it will be a day to set precedence for the future of the strike, but more importantly a day anticipating authoritarianism, tyranny and the subjugation from government. There is an expected 1000+ picket line of local students and residence to protect the doors of the University, but help is very much needed. Beginning from August 13th a series of picket lines and strikes will be set up at the affected schools in Quebec, but we will need help as well on August 27th when UQAM opens, a school with over 150 doors to guard.

We will need comrades for the picket line and the resistance, but as well for simpler things like preparing food, postering and medical.

As you should be aware, participating in the student strike in Quebec is now illegal and classified as criminal, this also applies to any discussion or organizing for the strike. This will pose a legal risk to any comrades entering Quebec. That being said, should comrades choose to help defend the picket line there is also a risk of injury. As many students have suffered minor to critical injuries during this strike we have lost numbers merely through injury. All of that being stated; there is local legal representation available as well as medical teams prepared for such incidents.

Although transportation to and from Quebec cannot be supplied, housing and accommodation is available during your stay.

I cannot emphasize the significance of this call out. I cannot encourage you all enough to try your hardest to be here for these days. We together need to defend the civil liberties, the constitutional rights and the justices that have been robbed from our Comrades. I truly believe this day will be a day not forgotten in history.

If interested in attending this strike and showing solidarity with the Quebec people, I strongly encourage comrades to be in Montreal for the 11th-12th as the picket line will begin the 13th early in the morning. For more information, inquiries or interest you can contact the organizing committee for further details at: [email protected]

Please feel free to forward this call out on to other comrades across Canada and encourage the solidarity far and wide. We have been called in emergency for help; it now lies in our hands whether or not we answer that call.

In Solidarity,

Emma Casa

Originally posted: August 2, 2012 at Recomposition



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