Direct Action #08 (1982)

Issue #8 of Direct Action, with articles on the Bradford 12 case, the possibility of another "hot summer" of riots, the dangers of Depo-Provera, the dispute at Lawrence Scotts, childbirth, sport and South Africa, the Jewel Razors strike in Sheffield, a crackdown on the peace movement in East Germany, the history of ITT, a crackdown on the DISK union in Turkey, a guide to youth cultures, the YOPS training schemes, the dangers of air conditioning, the 50th anniversary of the Kinder Scout trespass, new restrictions on health workers' ability to strike, a report on the far right, sabotage during a strike at Bernard Matthews, new tory cuts, police brutality and more.

Submitted by R Totale on May 7, 2020


DA 8.pdf (16.7 MB)