Bradford 12

The struggle of Asian workers in Britain - Race Today

Pamphlet published in 1983 by the Race Today Collective containing three articles and sets of interviews on the struggles of Asian workers in the UK.

Direct Action #08 (1982)

Issue #8 of Direct Action, with articles on the Bradford 12 case, the possibility of another "hot summer" of riots, the dangers of Depo-Provera, the dispute at Lawrence Scotts, childbirth, sport and South Africa, the Jewel Razors strike in Sheffield, a crackdown on the peace movement in East Germany, the history of ITT, a crackdown on the DISK union in Turkey, a guide to youth cultures, the YOPS training schemes, the dangers of air conditioning, the 50th anniversary of the Kinder Scout trespass, new restrictions on health workers' ability to strike, a report on the far right, sabotage during a strike at Bernard Matthews, new tory cuts, police brutality and more.

Bradford 12: Self-Defence is No Offence

Bradford 12: Self-Defence is No Offence.

Anandi Ramamurthy's history of the Bradford 12 trial, in which twelve members of the United Black Youth League were arrested on conspiracy charges for preparing to defend their community from fascists. Ramamurthy places the trial in the context of the urban riots which swept Britain in the summer of 1981 as well as detailing the solidarity campaign, their bold legal defence and eventual acquittal.

Self Defence is No Offence - The Bradford 12

Bradford 12

Newsletter produced by Leeds Other Paper and the Bradford 12 campaign shortly after they won their court battle, having been arrested for creating molotov cocktails for community self-defense against the National Front.