Dispatches from the ruins: documents and analyses from university struggles, experiments in self-education

A collection of texts from various student struggles around the world and about the role of the university in general.

Submitted by Juan Conatz on February 1, 2012

I. Finding ourselves, Finding each other
Imaginary Committee, Communiqué no.2 | To Our Friends
Anonymous, Some passing thoughts on the Berkeley and Santa Cruz occupations, from someone who was there briefly
Inoperative Committee, Preoccupied: The Logic of Occupation
Research and Destroy, Communiqué from an Absent Future: On the Terminus of Student Life
Brian Holmes, Research and Destroy, and Dead Labor, Communiqué from an Absent Future—Further discussion
Unicommon, Invent the Future, Reverse the Present
Francesco Raparelli, From Tute Bianche to the Book Bloc

II. Further Analysis
Alberto De Nicola and Gigi Roggero, Eight Theses on University, Hierarchization and Institutions of the Common
Christopher Newfield and Edu-factory Collective, The Corporate University and the Financial Crisis: What is Going On?
Jeffrey Williams, The Pedagogy of Debt
George Caffentzis, The Student Loan Debt Abolition Movement in the U.S.
George Caffentzis and Silvia Federici, notes on Edu-factory and Cognitive Capitalism

III. Strategies, Tactics and notes Toward an Overflow
Stefano Harney and Fred Moten, The University and the Undercommons
Edu-factory Collective, All Power to Self-Education!
Gerald Raunig, Instituent Practices: Fleeting, Instituting, Transforming
Brian Holmes, Extradisciplinary Investigations. Towards a New Critique of Institutions
Brian Holmes, Articulating the Cracks in World Power: Interview with 16 Beaver
Joan Miguel Gual and Francesco Salvini of Universidad Nómada, Be Network, My Friend

[Appendix] Notes Toward Lessons Learned
Manuela Zechner, Movement, Learning: A few Reflections on the Exciting UK Winter 2010
Anonymous, No Conclusions When Another World is Unpopular
Franco ‘Bifo’ Berardi, Lesson of Insurrection: A Call to Revolt on a European Scale