Don’t you f*****g threaten me Francis Maude

I am getting a bit sick of Francis Maude continually making not so 'thinly veiled' threats against the working class.

Submitted by working class … on November 20, 2011

Francis Maude is a revolting man. I loathe him with every ounce of my being. He seems to be hell bent on becoming the most hated man in Britain.

Whilst preaching to the unions about the importance of on-going negotiation and saying we have shared interests, all in it together, and all that other bullshit. He then constantly keeps goading and making threats to the working class.

The improved pension offer that was made a couple of weeks ago is apparently ‘conditional’. Firstly it was not improved at all. It was the equivalent of a mugger offering you £2 back from the £10 he stole. Secondly, don’t you dare fucking threaten me Mr Maude. You can stick your improved offer where the sun does not fucking shine. I, like many others, are in this for the long game, and will not be bought off by token gestures.

His latest pearl of wisdom is to suggest that the case for reform of trade union legislation would be ‘very pressing’ should the unions press ahead with strikes. Again Mr Maude, We do not give into threats. Change the law, it suits me. At the moment you can contain our disobedience within the confines of a trade union dispute. If you take that away, then I suspect you will see a new type of disobedience.

Fuck you Mr Maude, Fuck your offer, fuck your party, fuck your threats, and fuck your class.