E02.1: Advice To Clients Of Sex Workers, Anarcho Style

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Submitted by Qwoke on June 30, 2019

Question 1 on Episode 2 of Anarcho Agony Aunts (formerly known as #NHS4lefties)

''Hi, got a question for the NHS - what are your views on men who pay for sex? I attended a talk at TWT last year on sex work and the panel argued that the most appropriate leftist view on sex work is that it should be treated like all other work - and that sex workers should be entitled to respect, workers rights and good working conditions. What wasn't really discussed was how Johns should be viewed in this dynamic. I have paid for sexual services (been to strip clubs, paid escorts etc.) before I was politically educated and now am not sure how I feel about it. One of the panellists said she needed her clients money and appreciated being treated well by them - but at the same time in an ideal world wished she had another means to earn the kind of money that she did via sex work. I appreciate it's a thorny issue - thanks for doing this!''

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