The Enemy is Middle Class - Andy Anderson and Mark Anderson

Controversial book published by Openly Classist in 1998.

Submitted by Fozzie on April 4, 2019

The Enemy Is Middle Class presents the controversial view that working class people are oppressed by a singular middle class (rather than by the ruling class, with the middle class in the middle).

Alongside this it includes valuable insights into how middle class people can dominate working class people in all areas of life, including revolutionary groups.


  1. First Know Your Enemy - Andy Anderson (originally published in 1988)
  2. Why The Revolutionaries Have Failed - Andy Anderson and Mark Anderson (originally published by SPLAT Collective in 1991)
  3. Outro 1998
  4. Graphics by Homocult

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Ah yes - I've tidied that review up a bit.

There is a text version of "Educating" linked from it now - on the version of the Openly Classist site.