An exhibition in Moscow: “The history of anarchism: sources”

Russian anarchist newspapers
Russian anarchist newspapers

The official opening of the exhibition “The History of Anarchism: Sources” will be held April 17 at the Centre for Social-Political History of the GPIB [State Public Historical Library] of Russia. Using the materials on display, it is possible to study the history of anarchism from Godwin, Proudhon and Bakunin up to our own times.

Submitted by Karetelnik on April 16, 2015

The curators of the project have concentrated on three key moments of this history:

– The history of Russian anarchism: the historical Bakuninism of the 19th century, the rebirth of the movement during the First Russian Revolution, anarchism in the Revolution and Civil War 1917–1921, the Russian anarchist emigration.

– Anarchism as a global movement; its currents and activity in various countries; anarchist anti-militarism; libertarian pedagogy.

– The anarchist movement in contemporary Russia: from perestroika to the present.

Also on display are publications from the collection of anarchist literature of J. Mackay [John Henry Mackay, 1864–1933, Scottish-German individualist anarchist] – one of the first collections acquired by the Marx-Engels Institute in the 1920s.

The exhibition is timed to the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Confederation of Anarcho-Syndicalists (KAS) – the first mass organization of anarchists in the era of perestroika.

The curators of the project are: Kirill Buketov, Yuliya Guseva, Vadim Damier, Irina Novichenko, Dmitriy Rublev, Yelena Strukova, Vlad Tupikin.



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Photos from the April 17 2015 opening:

Russian anarchist periodicals

Historian Dmitry Rublev speaking

Mikhail Bakunin and the Bakuninists

Anarchist sources exhibit

Anarchist publications of the inter-war period