FedAO has concluded their organizing after the release of their incarcerated comrades

The saga of the Tangerang vandalism case has concluded. Federasi Anti Otoritarian released a final statement.

Submitted by Bandilang Itim on December 17, 2020

We, Federasi Anti Otoritarian (Fed AO) and Kolektif Kucing, are composed of individuals as well as collective federations formed on an ad hoc basis when our comrades were arrested and charged for vandalism in June 2020. We were coordinating and conducting our activities on a loose basis with no structural order. Our aim was to push up our comrades’ case so that it wouldn’t be overlooked or drowned by the gossip of some celebrities.

We have been accused by some people of  “selling” our comrades’ names just because we made press releases in English to keep the international anarchist networks updated. We have to say that this accusation has no ground since we have a very strict and clean financial statement even though the fund we managed was not a large sum.

After all our incarcerated comrades were released, we have stopped all the financial activities and we were no longer involved in fundraising for this issue. We will soon release the report of all the funds we received during the trial and the sentence period. However for security reasons, this report will only be sent to those who have been involved and may have a real concern over the case.

By this press release, we would like to state that any fundraising related to our comrades’ case is now closed and we declare that we have nothing to do with further fundraising activities. We refuse to be connected or associated with any kind of these activities in the future. Fed AO and Komite Kucing have resigned the issue and dissolved. For more information, you can reach us at [email protected].

For our ex-inmates, welcome to the greater cell, comrades! Ciaooo...