France: new wildcat strike at Bordeaux airport

Bordeaux airport

After a 6 hour wildcat earlier this week security staff have again walked out over pay claims.

Submitted by jef costello on July 13, 2007

The wildcat strike, as reported earlier on libcom, was in support of wage demands and three colleagues. When SGSA Penauille bought Astriam the 88 workers (out of a total of 100 at the airport) were transferred, in the process they lost a week's salary, which SGSA is refusing to pay.

In addition three workers, all of whom were CGT repesentatives, were dismissed. The union has also taken the company to an employment tribunal over both of these claims.

So far one flight has been cancelled, most have been delayed and at least 12 have taken off empty because their passengers could not get through security checks in time.