Scandinavian pilots' wildcat stoppage spreads

Hundreds of flights have been cancelled and tens of thousands of passengers stranded as the Scandinavian airlines pilots' wildcat strike continues to spread and enters its third day.

Submitted by Steven. on January 25, 2006

150 pilots in Denmark walked off the job on Monday in protest at their employer, SAS, being broken up into separate national carriers which would jeopardise agreements with the workers. In Norway, 100 pilots have now joined a solidarity sick-in.

The dispute is costing SAS Denmark nearly €3m per day, and almost all flights in and out of Copenhagen and Oslo are affected. Nine million tons of mail remains undelivered at Oslo airport.

The pilots' union has requested pilots to end their illegal action and return to work, and in Norway SAS bosses are to ignore legislation permitting workers eight days sick leave without a doctor's note and demand documentation from all pilots.