Global War for the World Order - Wildcat, Treason pamphlet

Submitted by bastarx on October 8, 2006

The articles in this pamphlet are all translations of articles originally written in German by the communist group Wildcat and deal with the terrorist atrocities of September 11 2001, the US invasion of Afghanistan and the leadup to the invasion of Iraq. Despite being made somewhat redundant by the passage of time these articles remain some of the best available on “The War on Terror”.

The essence of the argument that runs through all these articles is that the capitalist world order is in crisis and in desperation the response is war, first against Afghanistan and then Iraq. The “War on Terror” is thus an expression of capitalist weakness not strength. Perhaps the NATO attack on Yugoslavia in 1999 should be considered as a precursor to the “War on Terror”. While all of these wars have resulted in quick victories to the forces of the US and its allies the ensuing occupations have been far from successful. From Iraq we get almost daily reports of another US soldier or three being killed by guerrillas, much of Afghanistan remains outside the control of the occupying forces and the most successful of these occupations, Kosovo, is hardly an advertisment for the peace and prosperity that occupation was supposed to bring with continuing low-level ethnic violence and an economy largely based on the smuggling of guns, drugs, illegal immigrants and sex slaves. All of these wars have been followed by another more disastrous than the preceding one and we should not be surprised if the US embarks on another military adventure to maintain its credibility in the face of its disaster in Iraq.

Other writings by Wildcat are available at the English language section of their website:

We have published some of these articles in different pamphlets since September 2002. All of these articles were first published in one pamphlet in September 2003. This edition was first published in August 2005.

The front and back cover illustrations are by John Berkey.