The Great Game of Civil War

English translation of an ironic text sympathetic to the views of the Imaginary Party.

Submitted by Iron Column on March 12, 2010

The Great Game of Civil War

Rule 1. Until the new order, all your rights are suspended. Naturally, it is good that you conserve the illusion that you still have them. Also, we will only violate them one by one, and case by case.

Rule 2. Be polite: no longer speak to us of laws, of the Constitution, and all these elucubrations of another age. For some time, as you will note, we have made laws that place us above the law, as with the rest of this so-called Constitution.

Rule 3. You are weak, isolated, dazed, abused. We are numerous, strong, and enlightened. Some say that we are a mafia. This is false, we are THE mafia that has vanquished all the others. We alone are capable of protecting you from the chaos of the world. And that’s why it pleases us to penetrate you with the sentiment of your weakness, of your “insecurity”. Because this is in proportion to the profitability of our racket.

Rule 4. The game for you consists of flight, or at least to attempt to flee. By flight, we mean: to surpass your state of dependence. For now, it is quite true, you depend on us in all the aspects of your life. You eat what we produce, you breathe what we pollute, you are at our mercy down to the smallest point, and above all you can do nothing against the sovereignty of our police, to whom we have conferred total latitude, in terms of action as well as appreciation.

Rule 5. You will not be able to flee alone. Thus, you will have to commence by constituting the necessary solidarities. To make the game more difficult, we have achieved the liquidation of all forms of autonomous sociality. We have only let work survive: sociality under control. It’s this that you must flee, by theft, friendship, sabotage, and self-organization. Oh, one clarification: all the means of flight we have made crimes.

Rule 6. We never stop repeating: criminals are our enemies. But by that you must first understand this: that our enemies are criminals. In so much as potential deserters, each one among you is also a potential criminal. That’s why it is good that we conserve the list of numbers that you have called on your phone, that your cell phones allow us to locate you at any moment, and your credit card helps us to thoroughly know your habits.

Rule 7. In our little game, those who leave their isolation are called “criminals”. In regards to those who have the gall to contest this statute, we will call them “terrorists”. The latter can be killed at any moment.

Rule 8. We are well aware that life in the ranks of our society contains about as much joy as a trip on the suburban train system; that up until now capitalism has produced, in spite of its richness, only a universal desolation; that our moth-eaten order has no other arguments than the rubber bullets that protect it. But what do you want: it is thus! We have disarmed you mentally and physically; and we maintain the monopoly of all that we have denied to you: violence, complicity and invisibility. Frankly, if you were in our position, would you do anything else?

Rule 9. You will know prison.

Rule 10. There are no more rules. All attacks are permitted.



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