Greek school children occupy in support of teachers' strike

Rallies have been held by teachers, civil servants and pupils.
Rallies have been held by teachers, civil servants and pupils.

Schools students and civil servants have joined the nationwide teachers' strike during it's sixth week.

Submitted by Ramona on October 27, 2006

Rallies have been held in Athens and Salonika, whilst over 900 schools are occupied by pupils as part of an on-going battle over pay. There have been clashes between the protestors and parents, but the strike remains strong regardless. Students burned desks in the yard of one Athens school, after using furniture to blockade the gates.

The strikers are making several demands for improvements in conditions, but an increase in pay is the central demand. However, since the 2004 Olympics, the Greek government has been under pressure to control it's budget deficit and as such has refused to grant the 40% pay rise.

Greece has the lowest education budget in the whole of the EU, and the strikers are also pushing for increased eduction spending on top of pay rises. Greek teachers are amongst the lowest paid in Europe.

The umbrella civil service unon has supported the strike, allowing for work stoppages so that other workers can join the rallies. Police have reacted to the rallies with force.