The Humanisphere - Joseph Déjacque

Englsih translation and introduction of Joseph Déjacque's philosophical book.

Submitted by Reddebrek on March 21, 2018

In the Sphere of Humanity: Joseph Déjacque, Slavery, and the Struggle for Freedom
An English Translation and Annotation of Selected Writings of Joseph Déjacque
by Janine C. Hartman, Professor of History, The University of Cincinnati
with Introduction and Annotation by Mark A. Lause, Professor of History, The University of Cincinnati

"What is this book?" asks Joseph Déjacque at its beginning of his Humanisphere. His answer was that it "is not a literary work, it is an infernal work, the cry of a rebel slave." Just so.
Those seeking fine literature would be well advised to do so elsewhere.
This is the voice of an intelligent and literate nineteenth century workingman. After becoming a minor leader in the European revolutionary movements that culminated in the uprisings of 1848-1849, Déjacque participated in émigré circles across the channel in England and across the Atlantic in the United States. His experience shaped a unique contribution to radical internationalism in the nineteenth century.


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