Improved offer? I do not f*****g think so!

A brief look at the governments improved pension offer.

Submitted by working class … on December 8, 2011

I was very keen to read the details of today’s new and improved pension offer from the government. I was not expecting them to completely capitulate, and scrap the entire idea, but I was expecting more than what they have put on the table (naively).

The new proposal means that workers earning less than £26,000 will be spared from higher pension contributions for an extra year, before paying the higher rate. What a fucking joke. That is like having an entire bag of nuts stolen, and when you find half of one left at the bottom of the bag, being happy about it!

How will they retrieve the money? Yes, you guessed it. They are increasing the rate for those earning over £26,000 a year to make up the shortfall.

Nothing else has changed. I don’t really think it can be considered an improved offer in any way shape or form. It is an insult, and yet another ploy to turn worker against worker. I cannot imagine any worker backing out of industrial action because they have been spared one year of higher payments.

The government will now complain about how they keep making improved offers, but greedy teachers and nurses want more.

Francis Maude, you are a vile and contemptible ‘shit house’. You can stick your pathetic offer where the sun does not shine.



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Submitted by Ambrose on December 8, 2011

Good review, lets hope the nurses and teachers think about it as hard and don't just give in to their apologist Unions.


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Submitted by Duds4u on December 8, 2011

On a related note: The Gruniad is reporting that instead of wanting to do away with national public sector pay bargaining in favour of regional bargaining, Osborne is actually seeking to have it replaced with local pay bargaining, thereby weakening the unions. This Government won't be happy until it has demolished the public sector and everyone is on the minimum wage!