It was worse than we first thought, but never mind

George Osborne has only just realised how bad the deficit actually was. To be fair he has only been in government for two years, so never mind. He has announced an extra two years of austerity measures, and has goaded trade unionists for one last time before tomorrows strike.

Submitted by working class … on November 29, 2011

I have just watched the government’s new financial announcements, and as usual I am angry.

The ConDem’s have been in government for the best part of two years, yet they have only just discovered today that the deficit was worse than they first thought. This means that austerity measures will continue for two years longer than expected, up until and including 2017/2018.

Does this mean that on the 1st April 2018 we can have all the money from pay freezes? Can we have all the services that have closed back? Of course we cannot. The ideological basis for the cuts more than outweighs the financial basis.

Throughout his speech, Osborne made repeated reference to public and private sector workers, and the disparity between pay. Ha announced several years of 1% pay rises for public sector workers when the current pay freeze ends in April. His rationale for this was to ‘be fair to private sector workers, who work hard to pay the wages of public sector staff’. Clearly Osborne does not realise that there is not a wage earner on earth who is not paid by via the general public.

He also discussed the strikes. Interestingly, he listed all the new and extra measures that will fuck the workers over for an extra two years, then called on unions to call off tomorrows strike. It was like begging someone not to hit you, then when they go to hit you, spitting in their face, and asking them not to hit you again. They are so transparent in their ploy to draw us into a strike. The sight of the grinning and nodding wankers sat behind him (Alexander, Cameron, and Clegg) made me wretch. Who grins when they are openly fucking people over?

I cannot wait for tomorrow.