Ruling class could do with maths lessons

The ConDem court jester and all round buffoon Danny Alexander, and tax thief Philip Green, have today made glaring errors in their multi-million pound calculations. They are not particularly related other than their shared contempt for working people.

Submitted by working class … on November 24, 2011

I am far from an economics expert. However, it would appear that I am not the only one. It is of great concern that a treasury minister and a leading businessman have made massively glaring errors in their calculations today.

Firstly, there is the odious, toadying lickspittle, Danny Alexander. He appears to be in direct competition with Francis Maude to see who can goad public sector workers more. He has today attacked strikers again, claiming that the strike will do untold damage to the economy, cost the private sector £500 million, and will result in job losses. To suggest that companies will sack people because the public sector is striking is a bare faced lie. I am not sure where he gets a figure of £500 million from, but if my calculations are anywhere near correct, he will save a similar figure from public sector wages for the day. Perhaps he could use the money to subsidise the private sector, rather than spending it on war.

I am positive that following the strike, the government will claim that it was a failure, just like they did in June. They will claim that businesses remained open, parents took their children to work with them, scabs kept many schools open, and disruption was kept to a minimum. Yet with the same forked tongue they will bang on about how much it has cost, and what damage it has done.

Perhaps Mr Alexander should have taken the same attitude earlier in the year, when we were all granted a bank holiday that cost the economy £20 billion in one day, in order to celebrate the wedding of two chinless fucking parasites.

The second person with numeracy issues is the tax thief and general horrible bastard, Philip Green. He owns the Arcadia group, which is the parent company for many clothes shops. He has announced that he will be closing 260 stores over the next couple of years due to the economic climate. This will result in around 5,000 redundancies. Upon an initial look at the figures, it would appear that Arcadia is experiencing difficulties. Philip has not been able to pay himself a dividend this year. Meaning that he may have to dip into his £4.4 billion fortune. What has actually happened is that Arcadia has made less profit than expected. Not made a loss, just less profit. The company made over £130 million clear profit in the last year, yet Green does not think that is enough, and needs to shed 5,000 jobs so that he can get a fucking dividend.

Once upon a time, businesses could only get away with closing premises and making redundancies if they were making a loss. Now companies manipulate figures and issue ‘profit warnings’. To the average man on the street it sounds like they are in trouble, but in reality it just means ‘not made as much profit as we would have liked’, but it is profit, not a loss!

Greedy bastard!