Industrial Pioneer (November 1923)

The November 1923 (Vol. 1, No. 7) issue of the Industrial Pioneer, an early publication of the Industrial Workers of the World.

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Contents include:

-Packing House Workers' Plight by H.L. Stoddard

-The Great New Orleans' Strike by Sidney Terry

-Berry betrays New York pressmen by M.J.C.

-Social conditions in South by J.W. Leigh

-Minneapolis' amnesty meets by Forrest Edwards

-Tacoma, Lumber Capital of America

-Profit sharing and management sharing

-It's the workers who know by Fred L. Tiffany

-On dividing labor by Alois Sennefelder Jr.

-Making machines of bank clerks

-"Goose-step" in economics. Review by C.B. Ellis

-Joe Hill: a biography by Ralph Chaplin

-Wool, man's first fiber

-Textile worker in trimming industry by Del. U-200

-International drug stores by A Drug Clerk

-Chain stores arouse interest by Tom Duncan

-The next world tragedy by Neil Gordon

-Interesting current history. Review by Phil Taft

-Labor movement and I.W.W. by James Morris

-Portland A.F. of L. convention (Editorial)

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