Industrial Worker (January 13, 1940)

The January 13, 1940 (Vol. 21, No. 43, Whole No. 203) issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Submitted by Juan Conatz on March 6, 2017

Contents include:

-No compromise on war issue!

-Pipelines carry flow of profit

-Women workers worst exploited, lowest paid

-Socialist city bosses prefer cheap labor

-Frisco waterfront farce shows up phony leaders

-Should share equally in all there is by T-Bone Slim

-Company union independent, court rules

-No truce in class war even when bosses change attitude toward unions

-This is not a war for freedom!

-Union holds one election in 18 years

-Of Men and the World: an open letter to Gurley Flynn

-So-called revolutionary Mexico government helps fix wages at peon level

-British libertarians voice opposition to war talk

-IWW is road to freedom, defense against dictators

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