Internationale Situationniste #2

Internationale Situationniste 2 cover - silver foil and black text

Issue two of the journal of the Situationist International, published December 1958.

Submitted by libcom on September 8, 2005

central bulletin published by the sections of the situationist international
December 1958
Director: Debord
Mail: 32, rue de la Montagne-Geneviève, Paris 5e
Editorial Committee: Mohamed Dahou, Asger Jorn, Maurice Wyckaert.

As a rule, this bulletin is edited collectively. The various articles written and signed individually must also be considered of interest to all of our comrades, and as particular points of their common research. We are opposed to the survival of such forms as the literary review or art journal.

All texts published in Internationale Situationniste may be freely reproduced, translated and adapted, even without indication of origin.