Iranian Protests over the shooting down of Flight 572

Footage of protests in Iran in the aftermath of the Iranian military shooting down a civilian Boeing 737, killing 177 people as a result.

Submitted by Reddebrek on January 12, 2020

Shortly after the Islamic Republic of Iran launched a missile attack on two military bases in Iraq being used by the US military it became known that a civilian airplane had crashed outside Tehran, resulting in the deaths of all crew and passengers. Initially the government denied rumours that its military had shot down the plane but has since confirmed that it did so by accident.

The news has spurred on multiple protests throughout the country with many reports and clips circulating around Persian language news sites and social media.

A friend(@dogwhobites) has been collecting several clips and translating the chants into english.

The thread starts here

Since twitter isn't the best platform for information preservation I went ahead and made a video file combining the clips with the translations.

For english turn on captions.

Internet Archive link

Clip 1
Demonstrators protesting against the downing of flight 752 at Amir Kabir University in Tehran chanting
"All these years of crime, death to this government!"
Clip 2
At Allahverdi Khan Bridge (Si o se pul) in Isfahan, protestors chant: "Khamenei is a murderer, the government is trash!"
Clip 3
Also in Tehran, protestors are chanting
"Khamenei is a murderer, the government is trash!"
Clip 4
Tehran, demonstrators shout, "we do not want a Revolutionary Guard (sepah) government!"
Clip 5
In front of Sherif University in Tehran, protestors chant, "Death to the Governance of Islamic Jurists!"

Valiyat-e fiqh (Governance of Islamic Jurists) is the theory of governance used by the Iranian regime & the title of a book by Khomeini on the topic.
Clip 6
In Rasht, Gilan province, people are chanting "Shameless, shameless" at Basij, the revolutionary guard's volunteer paramilitary that is frequently used to crush protests.
Clip 7
At Hafez Bridge in Tehran, protestors shout the slogan "Death to the oppressor, whether he is a king or a leader!"

Clip 8
Security forces have been using teargas to disperse protests.
Clip 9
"We are the children of war, if you fight us we will fight back!"
Clip 10
At Sharif University, Tehran, protestors chanted: "Soleimani is a murderer, the leader is a fool."
Clip 11
Traitorous mullah, you are ousted! You have destroyed the country, you killed the nation's youth... death to you!
Clip 12
Allame Tabataba'i University chanting "our shame, our shame, our state broadcasting!"

(Seda va Sima is Iran's state broadcasting service; this chant is used when state media deceives the people).

So far the government's response has been further violent repression with reports of clashes and casualties already.



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