Iranian trade unionist kidnapped

Kidnapped: Mansour Osanloo
Kidnapped: Mansour Osanloo

Iranian bus union leader, Mansour Osanloo, was kidnapped on his way home from work yesterday.

Submitted by Ed on July 11, 2007

The following report was received this evening from the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) in London:

"The ITF is informed tonight from the union that their President Mansour Osanloo is kidnapped around 7pm local time. He was followed all day today by a Pugeot. When he was getting off from a bus on his way home, the kidnappers beat him up and drove him away in the car. No one has confirmed his safety after more than two hours of this abduction. Anonymous calls are made to the local media that Osanloo is missing. We will keep you informed of the development. In the meantime please disseminate this information as widely as you can."

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