Ireland: Domino's drivers on strike

Workers at the Tallaght branch of Domino's Pizza went on strike Friday night over wages.

Submitted by Mike Harman on December 10, 2006

Around 50 drivers refused to work the evening shift on Friday from 5pm, they then picketed out workers at the Walkinstown branch from 8pm, persuading around seven drivers to come out despite management threats that they would sack any drivers who joined the strike. The picket ended at 9pm due to bad weather at which point drivers from both branches went home.

The action appears to be informally organised without any union representation, with one of the drivers, Uzair Ahmad, acting as spokesman. However the Evening Echo reported they were keen to get SIPTU involved as soon as possible. Ahmad told the Irish Examiner that workers earn on average around €7 per hour, 65c less than the national minimum wage. They will be picketing Saturday evening from 5pm and protest outside government buildings on Monday if no agreement is reached.