Italy implements draconian migration laws

Migrants queuing for getting the residence permit

Yesterday the Italian Parliament finally approved the new laws on security, introducing explicitly racist rules.

Submitted by De on July 4, 2009

From now on a migrant who marries an Italian can get Italian citizenship only if she/he has been living in the country for two years (three years if the partner is abroad). Previous laws set a period of six months. Under the new law, in order to get married, a migrant will have to show the residence permit. Weddings with “illegal” migrants are not allowed.

Illegal entry and stay in the country has become a criminal offence and will be punished with a fine between 5,000 and 10,000 Euros, together with immediate repatriation (the go-ahead from the relevant authorities will not have to be issued any more).

The home should be judged as suitable in order to get the residence. Without showing the residence permit, it will not be possible to access to any administrative office. This means that migrants’ children will be considered “clandestine” by birth.

Money transfers cannot be made without showing the residence permit. Anyone not exhibiting it could be reported by Money Transfer.

Migrants who have just got into the country could be kept in CIE (Centres for migrants' Identification and Expulsion) for a period up to six months. Previously, the limit was sixty days.

A tax of 200 Euros will have to be paid for issuing and renewing the residence permit. Arrest for a period of up to one year for not providing the residence permit. In order to get it, you will have to know the Italian language. People without a permanent place of residence will be filed in a register. The residence permit will have points like the driving licence. Criminal charges for illegal migration “aid and abet” becomes stricter, but not for those who exploit migrant workers. Finally, the famous volunteers who will patrol the roads of their town have been legalized.



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Submitted by Hungry56 on July 4, 2009

That last sentence sounds quite ominous, could you elaborate?


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Submitted by Rats on July 4, 2009

Was there also something in this law to encourage citizens to report 'illegal' immigrants? Some kind of reward or something just to make it that little step more fascist. Maybe i dreamt it.


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Submitted by no1 on October 12, 2009

The National Guard claims to have around 2,500 members across Italy.
Like the others, it does not have powers of arrest but the Guard does have a uniform, which is as striking as the group itself.
It consists of khaki shirts, black caps featuring an eagle insignia and an armband with a black sun wheel as a logo.
It is the clothing that has earned them comparisons with Mussolini's infamous black shirt volunteer militia, which terrorised opponents in the 1930s, and helped the fascist dictator maintain power.
The new group's uniforms are so provocative that at least one authority - in Milan - has placed them under investigation.
But the inquiry into whether their uniforms contravene Italy's laws banning Nazi and fascist insignia, has not stopped them beginning their patrols.

"It's immigrants," she said. "The majority of immigrants are drug dealers or prostitutes. "It would be better for them to be in their country and helped there. It's useless for them to come here." The foot soldier in heels said: "The streets in Italy are not safe, especially in big cities like Rome where people going home are getting attacked and raped".
Her views on black and Jewish people would be actionable, if printed here.

It is a shaky, handheld recording of a meeting of the Guard. Towards the end a man stands up.Inexplicably, the camera turns sideways but there's no mistaking what happens.The man makes a Nazi-style salute. His gesture is greeted with wild applause.