Italy: the Wave, Cobas and social centres against the G14

Rome, demostration against the G14

Last Saturday - 28th March 2009 - sixty thousand people walked into the main squares of Rome against the G14 on welfare and social support measures which started on Sunday.

Submitted by De on March 30, 2009

The demonstration has been described as unauthorized by the Roman council and violated the protocol on demonstrations recently approved also by the council and the main Italian unions. In fact, according to the protocol, demonstrations must follow a path decided by the council in order not to create traffic jams. However, after the violent fights between the police and the students from the Roman university La Sapienza on 18th March, Cgil stated it might consider not to abide by it.

Base unions like Cobas, precarious workers, students from the Wave movement, social centres and groups for the struggle for the house walked into the main street of the capital and blocked the traffic for the whole afternoon.

Red paint and smoke bombs were thrown against banks and real estate agencies, while participants were shouting: “we will not pay for this crisis, banks and companies have to pay for it!”. Shoes and smoke bombs were also thrown in front of the Minister of Public Functions, the one of the ministry Brunetta who recently stated that the movement of the Wave is made by warriors.

Occupations and self-reductions have been carried out in several different Italian cities, some in theatres and bookshops which aimed at make the access to culture free for students and precarious workers.

Several different buses full of students of the Wave movement reached Rome for joining the demonstration from Padua, Venice, Turin, Milan, Naples, Bologna and Pisa, especially in prospect of the national workshop on welfare which will be held next Thursday in Bologna by the Wave.


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G14? Do you mean G20? If so, you got almost twice as many as in London!!