Levellers, True Levellers, and the Diggers of 1649

An incomplete dramatisation of the founding of the True Levellers or the "Diggers" and their first agrarian commune.

Submitted by Reddebrek on June 23, 2013


A dramatisation of the birth and growth of radical movements especially the "Diggers" movement during the English Civil Wars. Founded by Gerrard Winstanly the Diggers were groups of commoners and soldiers mostly dispossessed during the conflict who staved of starvation by farming common land.

In addition to building agriculture Communes the Diggers agitated for greater political and social freedom from Parliament "true freedom lies where a man receives his nourishment and preservation, and that is in the use of the earth". I'm sorry about the cut off but this is as much of the film that I've been able to find, it does at least show the Diggers main beliefs, actions and challenges.

Download link http://www.mediafire.com/download/efrnt91k30d81zz/Levellers%2C_True_Levellers%2C_and_the_Diggers_of_1649.wmv