Libero International

Online archive of Libero International, the English-language journal about Asian anarchism published by the group CIRA-Nippon in Kobe, Japan from 1974 to 1980.

Submitted by Spartacus on January 27, 2011

CIRA-Nippon was a Japanese group compiling an archive of documents related to anarchism based on the International Centre for Research on Anarchism (Centre International de Recherches sur l'Anarchisme - CIRA) in Switzerland. Their work is now continued in Japan by CIRA-Japana.

These articles were taken from the Negations website archive of Libero International. Below is the introduction from that site:

This site contains articles from Libero International, a journal published by CIRA-Nippon from 1974 to 1980. Although CIRA-Nippon and its journal no longer exist, I have posted these articles to help English speaking radicals learn about the history of Asian anarchism and to preserve the memory of CIRA-Nippon, one of the more remarkable projects in recent anarchist history.

I received the copies of Libero International from Phillip Billingsley, who was active in CIRA-Nippon. I have posted these articles with his permission. I have not attempted to copy the aesthetic of the original Libero International in the design of this site.

Chuck Morse
May 25, 1999
(Updated on July 21, 2006)

Note: in cases where a replica of characters used in Libero International would have a required a special download (for myself and site visitors), I have tried to create a close approximation.



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Submitted by Steven. on January 27, 2011

Great stuff Spartacus!


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Submitted by Spartacus on January 28, 2011

you're welcome. i think i saw this myself two or three years ago and thought it would be good in the library, then promptly forgot about it. i'll upload the rest issue by issue as i do them, i thought that seemed like a good way of doing things.


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Yeah, that would be ace


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Submitted by OliverTwister on May 17, 2017

Since No. 3 the title has been changed to "Anarchism", which is published every two months and has a summary of two pages in Esperanto

I suspected due to the name that there might be an Esperanto tie. I'm surprised I've never heard of this before. I knew that Japanese and Chinese anarchist publications in the '20s and '30s were often bilingual (Japanese/Chinese and Esperanto) but it's interesting to hear that this tradition was revived in the 70's!

Ganbaru Spirit

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Submitted by Ganbaru Spirit on July 1, 2019

The given link to current CIRA-Japana does not work for me. In case anyone is having the same problem, this one should work CIRA-Japana.


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Submitted by Fozzie on December 1, 2022

PDFs and cover artwork added courtesy of Sparrows Nest.

I think "Libero International introduction" linked above might also be referred to as Issue Zero of the journal, but we can't be sure without seeing a scan of it.


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Submitted by Steven. on December 1, 2022

So cool to see scans and the real cover artwork! Thanks