Long Live The Revolt!

After another night of revolt in the streets of The United States due to the killing of George Floyd, president Trump, from a bunker in the White House, announced that he would designate “Antifa” as a terrorist organization. This finger-pointing seeks to frame a spontaneous and manifold movement (without capitals) as an Organization, not only assigning it an ideology but also a functionality that is hierarchical and in consonance with state logic.

Submitted by Guerre de Classe on June 8, 2020

Once again, terrorism is used as an alibi for the criminalization of wide sectors in the struggle, which at the same time completely exceed “anti-fascism”. But beyond denouncing and fighting against the repressive advance that this signifies, it’s necessary to reject the polarization that is sought to be introduced at the heart of the struggle.

The false choice between the economy and life that was imposed commencing from COVID-19 caused a resurgence of the classical bourgeois polarization between economic liberalism and state interventionism. This, in the same time, has been codified in different forms according to the region. Generally as progressivism vs. the right, and even arriving to speak of fascism, like in Brazil and the United States. We don’t see any coincidence in anti-fascism being appealed to for the channeling of a revolt that they cannot control.

Although street anti-fascism (Antifa), of the thug type that confronts the neo-Nazi gangs, which is common in the United States and Europe, is not the statist and military antifascism (of “the good guys”) from the ‘30s of the last century, it is its heir. The victorious defenders of official anti-fascism killed workers and raped women on a massive scale during the Second World War. And they directly formed a part of the triumphant governments that, in the name of the struggle against fascism, subjected so many countries to a capitalist democratic regime in which one must no longer protest because we’re supposedly free and we would have it much worse if the others had won.

Fascism and democracy have always been complimentary political systems to the service of the interests of the rich. When democracy can no longer contain the struggles of the exploited and oppressed, or to simply keep them in line, Capital resorts to more brutal forms. Today these methods, which it is supposed are exclusive to the fascists, form a part of any government that declares itself to be free and anti-fascist, which on their part are openly totalitarian: killings such as that of George Floyd or the millions of deaths at the hands of the police of every country, slave labor as the necessary compliment of the labor market, and discipline in the schools, jails and mental hospitals. However, no president calls himself fascist – all to the contrary!

Now that democracy has turned into totalitarian control of social life, fascism as a system of domination has lost its meaning. Obviously there continues to be Nazis and fascists but they aren’t the ones pulling the strings, they are a problem of the street and there must be fought against day by day. But anti-fascism as a political option is a farce. Now just as before it only serves to befriend the oppressed and the oppressors, exploiters and exploited, governors and governed. In the name of anti-fascism they call on us to unite behind the genocides of today: the progressive or leftist rulers of whatever country, who also have their hands stained with blood. Or the heirs of genocidal Stalinism and Maoism.

The problem is not the right or the left. It’s capitalism, it’s democracy. It’s not needed to unite behind the antifascist front in order to fight the fascists. What unites us is common action everywhere against what exploits and oppresses us, against the root of the problem: private property, money and the State.

In the streets of the United States there mix black proletarians, together with whites and Latinos. They have challenged the oppressive everyday normality in less than a week. To want to attribute this to one sole movement as does Trump and his entourage, or to want, like his opposition, to score a point by these declarations, expresses the commonality in political mentality that these two opposing factions have, but only in how to manage this mercantile world.

May neither Trump nor the executioners from any part of the world mark the objectives and developments of our struggles for us!

The State is the real terrorist!

June 1st, 2020

Source: https://panfletossubversivos.blogspot.com/2020/06/long-live-revolt.html