Mali: Strike by university workers

Workers at the National centre for university works (CENOU) went on strike today after management "completely ignored" their demands.

Submitted by jef costello on September 11, 2007

Workers launched a 72 hour stoppage on Tuesday morning, this strike follows a 48 hour stoppage two weeks ago which failed to bring management to the negotiation table. The CENOU is responsible for University transport, lodgings, food, bursaries and sanitation.

Workers have three main demands. The first is that a staff council be set up immediately. The second is that suitable premises be found. Currently "a four-bedroom villa converted into offices is supposed to hold 89 workers" workers claim that this overcrowding causes serious problems.

The third point is a series of demands based on unsatisfied promises made by the CENOU director: workers have demanded that contract workers, such as drivers, handymen, concierges and counter-staff, be given proper employment contracts; the retention and training of current workers and trainees and that workers be supplied with the necessary equipment to do their jobs.