Marxism and the Critique of Value

Collection of works from German-language school of Marxian critical theory known as Wertkritik, also translated as value-critique or critique of value.

Submitted by adri on July 23, 2019


Value and Crisis: Basic Questions (Norbert Trenkle, 1998)

The Crisis of Exchange Value: Science as Productivity, Productive
Labor, and Capitalist Reproduction (Robert Kurz, 1986)

A Contradiction between Matter and Form: On the Significance of
the Production of Relative Surplus Value in the Dynamic of Terminal
Crisis (Claus Peter Ortlieb, 2008)

Patriarchy and Commodity Society: Gender without the Body
(Roswitha Scholz, 2009)

The Rise and Fall of the Working Man: Towards a Critique of Modern
Masculinity (Norbert Trenkle, 2008)

Off Limits, Out of Control: Commodity Society and Resistance in the
Age of Deregulation and Denationalization (Ernst Lohoff , 2009)

World Power and World Money: The Economic Function of the U.S.
Military Machine within Global Capitalism and the Background of
the New Financial Crisis (Robert Kurz, 2008)

Struggle without Classes: Why There Is No Resurgence of the
Proletariat in the Currently Unfolding Capitalist Crisis (Norbert
Trenkle, 2006)

Violence as the Order of Things and the Logic of Annihilation (Ernst
Lohoff, 2003)

The Nightmare of Freedom: The Foundations of “Western Values”
and the Helplessness of Critique (Robert Kurz, 2005)

Curtains for Universalism: Islamism as Fundamentalism in Modern
Social Form (Karl-Heinz Lewed, 2008)

On the Current Global Economic Crisis: Questions and Answers
(Robert Kurz, 2010)

The Ontological Break: Before the Beginning of a Different World
History (Robert Kurz, 2005)