McDonalds Workers Resistance aims and principles

The mission statement of UK group MWR.

Submitted by Steven. on September 16, 2010

McDonalds Workers Resistance (MWR) is a loose network of McDonalds HOURLY PAID workers who agree that the workers and the company have no interests in common and who agree to help all hourly paid McDonalds workers against the company regardless of ethnicity, sexuality, nationality, etc.

MWR does not have any leaders but is a network of groups and individuals who agree with these aims and principles and who work together while remaining autonomous. MWR can never be used for party politics or to make money.

The aim of the organisation is to use solidarity and direct-action to take wealth and power from a bunch of indolent fat cats in order to redistribute it equally amongst the hourly paid workforce.



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Submitted by Samotnaf on September 17, 2010

Talk about 'Supersize me' - over 40 helpings of MacDonalds in 3 or 4 days even outdoes Morgan Spurlock's celebrity-motivated experiment. Couldn't all these have been put into one very large article or document containing a series of articles? And, btw, is there a critique of Spurlock's movie in all this? And is there a critique of MadConalds reformed eco-friendly anti-obesity image? (I've read a bit of it - the phone calls and some of the humour and other stuff, but you can have too much of a good thing). And btw, my daughter informs me that in France, at least,MadCon's stick a pill, that dissolves, on the bottom of the burger to calm the stomach just in case...


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Submitted by Steven. on September 17, 2010

Hi Sam, they could have all been put in one article, but we prefer to have things in separate articles for the most part in order to maximise Google referrals. where appropriate I have grouped articles into books so as not to fill up the library too much - for example all the issues of mcsues magazine, the rights at work section, and the alternative crew handbook

They can all be viewed together still in the MWR tag ( for example.

In terms of your other questions, MWR wound up in 2004, which was before the movie and subsequent friendly, healthy image stuff, so no. There are some jokes about Ronald McDonald being a paedophile though.

It was a lot of stuff all in one go about a similar topic, but I think the whole site is archived now, so soon it will be diluted by new additions.